Xmas Report EP

by Volumina

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released January 7, 2011

This album was composed and produced by Benjamín Z.

With the very special collaboration of:
Francisco Flores
Cynthia Saldaña
Jess Sylvester

All lyrics were written by Francisco Flores.

It was recorded at my home, Pancho's grandma's house, Cynthia's kitchen and Jess's home.

It was mastered by Carlos Pesina Siller

Artwork was made by Ariel Diaz

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all rights reserved


Volumina Guadalajara, Mexico

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Track Name: All Those Creepy Shows
- All Those Creepy Shows -

Lyrics by Francisco Flores

We'll regret watching so much television.

Do we find pride or joy in not having fun,
like the rest of folks?
is that why we're staying home
and watching all those creepy shows?

Do you remember when you were young?
Did you feel all alone in your generation,
like I feel on winter days?
Is that why we can't have a proper celebration?

We'll regret watching so much television.

Should we give up and find a romantic side?
Should we start pretending?
Should we buy expensive presents
and raise our glasses to things we don't care about?

We'll try to make the best of today
as if it was you know just another day
in mid-september or late december,
early january or whatever.

Total nihilism mimetism
Track Name: A Misfit On Holidays
- A Misfit On Holidays -

Lyrics by Francisco Flores

Boy, you're behaving like a misfit. 
Your extended family just came to town
and all you feel is the cold in your feet
and the holidays boredom in your hands

The reassuring voice in your headphones goes
"How can someone so young sing words so sad?"

"Can't you be nice to your cousins, at least for a while?"
Your mother asks.

She means well, but she doesn't stand a chance.

Boy, you've been reading things you don't understand
your third uncle is annoyed by your arrogant pleasentries,
you better behave like someone your age,
you'd be better off on the beach with someone else.

Your favorite song in your headphones goes
"Oh sometimes people can be so dense"

"Can't you be nice to your cousins, at least for a while?"
Your mom asks.
She means well, but she doesn't stand a chance:
you're a misfit on holidays.
Track Name: No More Xmas
-No More Xmas-

Lyrics by Francisco Flores

No More Xmas for me:
I'd rather be upstairs studying my turtle shell
or writing my poetry
and listening to Big Star and Chris Bell.

I'd rather not listen to my parents fight,
while I pretend to watch bad TV
and feel sick from colored lights
no more xmas for me
no more xmas for me.

No More Xmas for me:
Still, I appreciate the doll house my grandpa built
is there some other way to celebrate?
just good food and games, devoid of judeo-christian guilt.

I'd wish to go out with you, honey, 
singing silly songs and wandering aimlessly, 
watching spider-fireworks
and admiring color-shifting skies
no more xmas for me.