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- My Best Friend -

Let's play outside little friend
tell your mother we will have some fun
we can ride the bike to the other side
of the town and then come back to the house
we can play with te boys on the street
and later we can go to drink some milk
we can eat all the candys that we like
until our teeth fall out from the mouth.

Please don't get tired little friend
don't tell me that you're hungry again
cause we haven't done all the things we like
and the day has just begun so please don't cry
you can come to my house at night
i'll tell my mother to cook some pie
we can watch tv all night long
until a monster comes out and suck our brains out.

And one day we will grow up
you'll get your wife and i'll get mine
cause this life is so much like that
but for now we are good friends.


from This Is Our Home, Please Come In!, released July 6, 2008
Benjamín Z - Vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards and programing.

Apache O'Raspi - bass, harmonica.



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Volumina Guadalajara, Mexico

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